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When people wonder why dentists do Botox, the answer is simple. As dentists, we understand the head and neck anatomy as well as if not better than most physicians. Just as veneers and crowns can improve a patient’s smile and self-confidence, so can helping to minimize his or her wrinkles. Dr. Cara Lund believes in […]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Dr. William Lund and I have just completed a comprehensive dental sleep medicine course at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. The course has consisted of 6 days of classes and hands-on workshops where we have learned how we can help diagnose and treat our patients who have sleep apnea. The lectures provided an understanding […]

Give the Gift of Whitening… or Treat Yourself

Lund Dental Associates Offers New Whitening Treatments Looking for a gift?  Getting married?  Going on vacation?  Or, maybe, you just want to treat yourself?  Lund Dental has three different whitening options now available:  GLO In Office Whitening, Opalescence Custom Take-home Trays, and Opalescence Go. GLO In Office Whitening is a chair-side appointment to quickly whiten […]