Give the Gift of Whitening… or Treat Yourself

Lund Dental Associates Offers New Whitening Treatments

Looking for a gift?  Getting married?  Going on vacation?  Or, maybe, you just want to treat yourself?  Lund Dental has three different whitening options now available:  GLO In Office Whitening, Opalescence Custom Take-home Trays, and Opalescence Go.

GLO In Office Whitening is a chair-side appointment to quickly whiten teeth.   The GLO Light is a closed mouthpiece which couples a heat-light and whitening gel.  This offers quick and long lasting results.  Need a touch up after your in office visit?  You take home the GLO Light and extra gel for your convenience.

For an at home whitening experience, try Opalescence Custom Take-home Trays.  These are a patient favorite and offer weeks’ worth of professional whitening from the comfort of your own home.  An impression is take of your mouth and trays are made in office.  We offer three different strengths: 10% for sensitive teeth, 15% for slight sensitivity, and 35% for non-sensitive patients.

Opalescence Go is the professional alternative to over-the-counter whitening options (Crest Whitestrips). These are ready-to-use trays and fit all smiles.  Opalescence Go trays are worn for 5-10 days up to 30 minutes per day.   Wear these getting ready in the morning or during your commute.  This quick daily whitening option makes a great gift!

Are there steps I should follow when I whiten my teeth?  YES.  In order to reduce sensitivity during treatment, we recommended you brush with Sensodyne ProNamel for 2 weeks prior to beginning the whitening treatment. You should record your own before tooth color so you can track your progress (use the same mirror and same lighting conditions every time with natural light being the best).

During the whitening treatment it is required you refrain from consuming any substances that could discolor teeth. These substances include, but are not limited to: coffee, tea, colas, ALL tobacco products, mustard or ketchup, red wine, soy sauce, berry pie, red sauces, chocolate, and chocolate drinks. It is also recommended to refrain from wearing lipstick.

As always, if you experience significant discomfort or any other problem that prevents you from wearing your whitening trays as directed, please contact us immediately.

Call Lund Dental to discuss your whitening options today! Lund Dental Phone Number 781-438-2700