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At Lund Dental Associates, we are excited to be able to provide the most conservative treatment options available today! Dr. Cara A. Lund offers Bioclear® to our patients as effective treatment for dental black triangles and other cosmetic issues with minimally invasive treatment and beautiful results.
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What is Bioclear®?

Bioclear® is a minimally invasive and cost-effective treatment. Anatomic mylar molds hug your teeth and then warm composite material is injected into the mold, which is color matched to your teeth. The molds are removed, leaving behind a smooth, contoured composite that has a beautiful shine, giving you a healthy and youthful appearing smile.

Benefits of BioClear® Veneers

Bioclear® was designed to address many of the common problems of both dental bonding and porcelain veneers. Bioclear® veneers:Bioclear Smile Rejuvenation Case 2

  • Are great for filling in “black triangles”
  • Creates attractive, uniformly colored teeth
  • Can be completed in a single office visit
  • Are more stain resistant than dental bonding
  • Are more durable than dental bonding
  • Are healthy for gums
  • Are less expensive than porcelain veneers
  • Repair more easily if damaged

We find this technique is great for us because it lets us give you great results efficiently. And patients who have had it done love the results, the speed, and, honestly, the cost!

Bioclear® Patient Testimonials


A gap or space between two teeth is also referred to as a diastema, which can appear as a dark black triangle of empty space that prematurely ages or distorts the smile. It’s estimated that almost 1/3 of adults have black triangles. These are caused by bone loss and recession of the gum line, and sometimes because of movement in the teeth.

These dark spaces between the teeth can make your teeth appear old. These areas are also prone to accumulate food debris, encouraging excessive plaque build-up.

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Black triangles age your smile and allow yellowing plaque to build up between teeth

When your tooth enamel is still healthy, there is no need to hide it with veneers. Using a special composite bonding technique, Dr. Cara A. Lund can close these gaps improving the health of the gum and the appearance of your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Bioclear® work compared traditional bonding?

A: We do not remove any of your natural tooth structure! Bioclear® utilizes a strong, tooth-colored composite resin to match the natural color of your tooth and support its strength and structure. In the more recent advancements of the technology, the Bioclear® creates ultra-thin composite material and Cling-Fit technology to bond to the teeth and fill gaps, spaces, and dark triangles.

The entire process is relatively simple and provides effective restorative care. As a result, patients experience many restorative and cosmetically esthetic benefits, such as a smile that looks and feels complete.

Q: What happens during the Bioclear® procedure?

A: First, any trace of biofilm must be removed from the teeth. This is done by gently scouring it away with a tiny instrument and cleaning powder just hard enough to remove the microscopic sticky layer that accumulates on the surface of the teeth without damaging the tooth surface.

Then, thin mylar forms that hug the tooth provide the mold for a new tooth surface. Liquid composite is injected into the forms. The resin is then hardened using a special ultraviolet light. The tooth is then shaped and polished to have a beautifully shiny and smooth finish.

Q: Will my insurance cover Bioclear® treatment?

A: Bioclear® is a new, beautiful and conservative alternative to traditional reductive porcelain dentistry. It is NOT covered by insurance. It conserves more tooth structure and your remaining dental benefits for other procedures if necessary. It may be covered by your FSA/HSA. We are excited to offer no-interest monthly payments with Care Credit.

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