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The American Dental Association recommends the use of fluoride varnish for children and adults at moderate or high risk for dental decay.

Risk indicators are:

  • history of tooth decay
  • extensive dental work (fillings, crowns, bridges)
  • inadequate previous or current exposure to fluoride
  • any physical or mental impairment that compromises the maintenance of optimal oral health
  • high and frequent sugar consumption
  • lower salivary flow, associated with certain medical conditions and therapies
  • gum recession leading to root exposure (decay prone area of the tooth), especially in elderly populations


Studies have shown that fluoride varnish has a residual effect for 26 weeks. Therefore, we recommend having a fluoride treatment coinciding with your 6 month continuing care hygiene visit. Using a high fluoride toothpaste such as Clinpro 5000 between in-office fluoride treatments is highly recommended

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We recommend this toothpaste to many patients due to the exceptional results from ongoing dental research. Anyone can use this toothpaste (except children under age 6 due to the high amount of fluoride)

  • This prescription strength toothpaste contains an innovative Tri-Calcium Phosphate (TCP) ingredient along with 4 times more fluoride than regular toothpaste.
  • The results are superior protection from cavities and strengthening of your teeth.

If you have the following, we recommend you use Clinpro:

  • dry mouth
  • exposed root surfaces due to recession
  • orthodontic brackets
  • extensive crown and bridge dental work
  • poor oral hygiene
  • current or past history of cavities

It is intended for long-term use.  When you have run out, more can be obtained from our office.

3M Clinpro Tooth Creme

How to use Clinpro 5000 toothpaste:

  1. When you brush your teeth in the morning for 2 minutes, use your regular toothpaste.
  2. In the evening, dispense one thin line of the Clinpro 5000 fluoride gel across the bristles and brush it on all the teeth for at least 2 minutes, paying particular attention to the area where the tooth meets the gum.
  3. After brushing, adults and children 6-16 years old should spit out the excess toothpaste. Adults = DO NOT RINSE OUT YOUR MOUTH WITH WATER. Children 6-16 years old = rinse your mouth with water.
  4. DO NOT eat or drink anything until the next morning (except for water if necessary). This will allow the concentrated fluoride and TCP to stay in contact with your teeth throughout the night, strengthening the tooth structure.
  5. DO NOT use any sort of mouthwash after brushing with Clinpro 5000. If you like to use mouthwash, use it during your morning routine. You can floss before or after brushing with Clinpro 5000.
  6. Keep Clinpro 5000 out of reach of children and in a safe place as you would any prescription medicine.