Mouth Guards

NightGuard Therapy

Night guards are used as a treatment option to prevent damage to the chewing surfaces of the teeth associated with grinding and clenching. It is a conservative treatment that is very successful and highly recommended for patients with TMD. By creating an acrylic pattern of your teeth, Dr. William Lund and Dr. Cara Lund can help you protect your teeth from unnecessary wear.

SportsGuard Therapy


Many teeth can be lost or broken while playing in athletic events.  This can be prevented by wearing an acceptable mouthguard.    Unfortunately, many have the tendency to purchase a “over the counter”stock mouthguard called a boil-and- bite.  These mouthguards are not effective as they have no retention and can easily fall out. They are not recommended by dental professionals.

Other offices make mouthguards that are better than the stock but are only a single layer.  Although they are custom fit, they may not protect the teeth because they cannot absorb the trauma as well.

Mouth guards

At Lund Dental, we are now excited to announce that we are making custom mouthguards using our new state-of-the-art vacuum machine.  The method we use is the most recommended and produces a mouthguard consisting of several layers of strong laminated material. Our mouthguards are the most effective because they are made specifically for each individual patient, fitting the mouth perfectly.

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