Amy, RDH at Lund Dental Associates

Amy, RDH

Member of the Lund Dental Family since: 2011

“I love seeing the difference in a patient’s smile and how far their dental health has come from when they started. To have a patient tell me they are happier with their smile makes it worth it.”

I loved getting cleanings when I was younger. The hygienist who you see most often sometimes can make or break your experience. I want to help people and make them feel better and comfortable about going to the dentist.

I love heading up north and going off-roading on my side by side. On the weekends you can catch me out on my motorcycle in the good weather or with friends relaxing enjoying the day. Everyday I enjoy coming home to Lucish, my Great Dane, and Bear, my boxer.


Dyanne, RDH & CDA at Lund Dental Associates

Dyanne, RDH & CDA

Member of the Lund Dental Family since: 2006

“Seeing the same people over a long period of time gives you a great connection to them, and knowing that I can help them to keep in good oral health is important.”

I love seeing my patients.  The bond that you build with your patients is really special. I also love to meet new patients, and educate people on the importance of good oral health practices.

I enjoy spending time with my husband (Greg), three children (Ryan, Anthony, Lynda), and dog (Belle).  I love to sit on the beach and read a good book and I have also been known to do some scrap-booking.


Katie, RDH

Katie, RDH

Member of the Lund Dental Family since: 2020

“I love helping people understand that your oral health doesn’t just start and end with your teeth. It is so important that our patients are educated on the effects of oral health on their overall health.”

My friends and family will describe me as a “picker” and someone who loves watching Dr. Pimple Popper, so naturally cleaning teeth is something I truly enjoy. Making connections and creating bonds with my patients makes coming to work everyday a genuinely enjoyable experience. 

I love watching any and all shows on Bravo and am a die-hard New England sports fan (specifically the Patriots). I’m a dog Mom to Remy, a step-mom, and future wife of Josh. I also love to learn and am currently working on my Master’s degree in Public Health. 


Nancy, RDH

Nancy, RDH

Member of the Lund Dental Family since: 1992

“I love being a dental hygienist! It’s fun meeting new people everyday and helping them with their oral health.”

In my free time I love being with my family.  I have 5 children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 granddog who keeps me very busy.  I love going on vacations and having fun.  Anything in the surf and sun is a great day!


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