Here are your post-op instructions for the temporary bridge.  Please call us at Lund Dental Phone Number 781-438-2700 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

  • Your anesthesia will wear off in approximately 1 to 3 hours after the procedure. It is very important not to chew on the numb side until the anesthesia wears off. It is easy to bite or burn your cheek, tongue, or lip while numb.
  • A temporary bridge is just meant to protect the teeth and gums while we wait for the permanent bridge. Your permanent bridge will be shaped and shaded especially to your teeth in color and fit, unlike the temporary bridge which is made to serve you temporarily.
  • Your teeth and gums may be sensitive for the next few days, but should get better with time. If you notice that any teeth are bothering you more and more over the next few days, please contact us.
  • Keep up your normal oral hygiene, but when flossing DO NOT snap the floss up between the teeth. Instead, slide the floss out the side so as to not dislodge the temporary bridge. To floss under the bridge use floss threaders.
  • Avoid sticky or hard foods on the side of your mouth with the temporary bridge since these foods can break or dislodge it.
  • ​If the bridge falls off you can try to push it back on after rinsing it clean. You can use denture adhesive paste as temporary cement. Do not buy temporary cement at the drugstore – it is usually too thick which makes it difficult to seat the bridge properly. If you cannot recement your temporary bridge or it breaks, please contact us.
  • After your new permanent bridge is in place you may need a few days to adjust to it. If you feel the bite is not correctly balanced, please contact us, and we will adjust it.​​
  • Care for your new permanent bridge with proper brushing and flossing. It is especially important to keep the edge of the bridge clean at the gum line.

We thank you for being a part of the Lund Dental family.